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Fire Detection System Design
Preparation of conceptual engineering documents which include:

Design Goals
- Minimize fire related injuries and prevent unnecessary loss of Life.
- Minimize fire damage to the building and its contents.
- Maintain continuity of business operations.
Design Criteria
- Code Compliant Designs based upon Building Use Group or Classification of Occupancy requirements and Americans with Disabilities Act Guidelines.
Performance Criteria
- Provide Audible and Visible Notification in all occupied areas of the building to ensure occupants have adequate time to escape without harm.

Outline basic functions such as:
Smoke and Heat Detection
Remote Annunciation
Occupant Notification
Emergency Forces Notification
Firefighters Emergency Communications
Suppression System Actuation
Phase I and Phase II Elevator Recall
HVAC Systems Interface and Smoke Control
Door Release
Ancillary Control Functions
Preparation of system design drawings which include:

Equipment Location Drawings – used to identify the main annunciator panel, remote annunciator panels, printers, control units, transmitters, transponders and municipal connections
Elementary Wiring Diagrams (Riser Diagrams) – used to illustrate the arrangement of peripheral devices in relation to the main control unit; power supply input circuit; IDC and NAC circuits; auxiliary output functions i.e. HVAC system connections and elevator recall
Device Location Drawings – Floor Plans
Point-to-Point Wiring Diagrams
Preparation of system specifications

Fire Alarms System Inspection, Testing and Maintenance
Fire Alarm System inspection, testing and maintenance programs are necessary to satisfy the requirements of the Ohio Fire Code and must be performed by qualified licensed personnel.

Remote Station and Central Station Monitoring
24 Hour UL Listed Central Station Monitoring of Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm and Elevators.

Video Alarm Verification
Compile and e-mail video clips to your home or PDA to obtain real-time confirmation of alarm activity for use in determining appropriate responses.

Remote Managed Access Control
Let us manage your access control system and photo ID badging so you can focus on core competencies and running your business profitably.